6 Benefits of Benchmarking for Summer Camps

Summer Camp season is nearly upon us. YMCA staffs across the country are focused on creating the best possible experience for campers and parents. But do you have a plan for assessing whether that experience was all you’d hoped it would be, after the camp?

That’s where benchmarking comes in. Post-camp surveys can empower YMCAs to elevate their summer camps, make a greater community impact and operate more efficiently.

Here are six benefits of benchmarking for summer camps:


1. Real Feedback

Benchmarking gives YMCAs the ability to gather input directly from campers and their parents. You don’t have to guess how much the kids enjoyed the activities or assume that parents thought registration was easy. Benchmarking lets you get real feedback, straight from the source.


2. Concrete Data

Benchmarking gives Ys a powerful tool – data. Survey results can deliver quantitative data in the form of numbers, as well as qualitative data, such as comments.


3. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Responses collected during benchmarking will help YMCAs identify strengths and weaknesses of their summer camps. You’ll know in which specific areas the camp scored well, and where to focus on making improvements for next year.


4. Boost Camper Experience and Attendance

Because benchmarking allows YMCAs to identify aspects of camp that parents think are lacking, staff can focus on improving those weak areas before next summer. Doing so will boost camper experience, and perhaps even increase attendance, if improvements are marketed effectively.


5. More Efficient Use of Funds and Resources

Benchmarking takes the guesswork out of what parents and campers think of YMCA summer camps. This means Ys can strategically dedicate funds and resources specifically to areas that truly need improvement.


6. Have Baseline for Comparison

Surveys can be used as a baseline for comparison year over year. For example, a camp scored low on “communication between staff and parents” in year one. So, the camp works to improve communication for the next year. A survey after year two will show if the work paid off in that area, or whether there’s more work to do.


Bonus Benefit: Quotes and Ideas for Marketing

Surveys that invite comments from respondents can solicit powerful quotes and story ideas for summer camp marketing materials. “My kids love the camp – it was their favorite part of summer!” and other such snippets make for great marketing copy.


Over the past several years, we've worked with YMCAs on more than 900 Summer Camp surveys. Contact us today to learn how we can help your Y with benchmarking to elevate your Summer Camp program.