Gain Insights on your members and the community you serve

Seer uses powerful spatial analytics tools to help YMCAs understand their communities. Our analysis is more than simply understanding the physical location of key assets on a map. It’s about gaining a richer perspective on service offerings, member interaction, transnational information, and how location and demographics play into an Association's performance. 

Some of our popular Market Area studies:

(primary market area)

Seer’s Digital PMA is a powerful spatial analytics tool that provides Ys with a better understanding of their diverse market areas and members. It equips leadership with invaluable data for capital planning, membership, marketing and fundraising efforts.

How does it help your Y?

  • Identifies optimal audiences and areas for branch level marketing

  • Provides compelling visualizations and data for your development team

  • Supports data-driven decision making for capital planning

  • Reveals areas for expansion or consolidation



This demographic study predicts market areas for proposed YMCAs. Using Seer's proprietary YMCA membership predictive model, it estimates the number of households that will join the Y and identifies potential overlap and the effect it will have on neighboring Ys. It's a quick and inexpensive way to understand the potential of a new YMCA facility.

hear what other Y’s are saying about the Digital PMA

The Digital PMA revolutionizes the way we use data to place facilities and talk about medical partnerships and community connections. This is game changing work.
— George Rommel, CEO of The YMCA of Greater Rochester